Risk Prevention and Facilities


  • Evaluate, analyze and manage risks, create and update the establishment’s 'document unique d'évaluation des risques professionnels’ (single administrative document evaluating professional risks).
  • Establish an annual prevention program and monitor and report on it. Accident analysis in collaboration with occupational health doctors and the institution’s nurse
  • Ensure that the Safety Inspection Plan is maintained and the safety instructions and regulatory evacuation plans of the establishment are on display.
  • Ensure regulatory oversight
  • Perform inspections and periodically check all facilities
  • Raise awareness on site to reduce the risks associated with the activities of the institution

02 40 37 68 71
Additional contact details
Building A


Affiliated institution(s)
Estate Management
Marie BAZANTAY - ext. 6849
Head of Facilities Maintenance and Site Security

Malika BRISARD - assistant - facilities maintenance ext. 6871
Pegggy BENET, building maintenance (building S) ext. 6877
Sylvia POISBEAU, building maintenance (building S), ext. 6875
Florence DANILO, reception - - ext. 1600 or 9
Claudine GOUPIL, reception ext. 6873
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on May 11, 2020