Our research impact in manufacturing

Read on to discover some of the different ways Centrale Nantes research is contributing to meeting the challenges of tomorrow's industry.
  • Naval Group and Centrale Nantes print the world’s first hollow propeller blade
    April 15, 2019
    Naval Group and Centrale Nantes have printed the first demonstrator of hollow propeller blades by metal additive manufacturing as part of the European H2020 project, RAMSSES*.
  • AMOS: Additive Manufacturing Optimisation and Simulation Project
    April 19, 2019
    Centrale Nantes is one of the partners in the ongoing Additive Manufacturing Optimisation and Simulation (AMOS) project, which is developing a number of additive materials and processes for the repair of aircraft parts. The four-year AMOS project benefits from European funding under the Horizon 2020 programme, as well as Canadian funding through the agencies CARIC and NSERC.
  • New concrete based on co-products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    March 29, 2019
    The Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM, UMR 6183) at Centrale Nantes is currently working on the ECOREB project which aims to define concrete formulations made of aggregates resulting from the demolition of concrete structures that can be used in the design of infrastructure and buildings.
  • AKRYVIA: Mastering the extreme
    October 29, 2019
    Founded in 2015 by a Centrale Nantes alumni and two co-founders, AKRYVIA is a deep-tech company developing disruptive plasma intensification technology, with its first application in industrial metal cutting. This new method improves precision and offers energy savings and productivity gains.
  • inVirtus Technologies: Asset tracking - Industry 4.0
    January 29, 2019
    inVirtus Technologies is a start-up co-founded by Centrale Nantes and Audencia Business School graduates and hosted in the Incubateur Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes.

Published on April 17, 2019 Updated on October 29, 2019