Research facilities

Our exceptional facilities include:

Exceptional test facilities

Centrale Nantes is committed to ensuring that industry benefits directly or indirectly from our research through technology transfer. This transfer can take the form of patents and licences, research partnerships, bilateral collaboration, and joint teams and facilities.

Our research facilities allow us to forge strong links with industry through the shared use of very large scale equipment. Researchers from the national and European academic community can benefit from those facilities as well as industry players in order to conduct experiments on prototypes of relevant size.

THeoREM - unparalleled research infrastructure in Europe

Ifremer and Centrale Nantes have combined their test resources to create the THeoREM Research Infrastructure and provide France with unparalleled marine engineering resources in Europe.

THeoREM networks the marine engineering test facilities of the two institutions, in order to carry out research activities and collaborative projects with manufacturers based in France and abroad. THeoREM brings together Centrale Nantes' ocean test facilities (3 tanks of different capacities) and its SEM-REV offshore test site, with Ifremer's deep water wave tank - equipped with wave and wind generators - and its Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic site in Plouzané (near Brest), as well as its wave-current flume tank at Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on April 17, 2019