EMO Research group - Ocean wave and marine renewable energy

EMO - Energies Marines et Océan


Head: Aurélien BABARIT

Research field

The Ocean wave and marine renewable energys research focuses on the deterministic propagation of ocean waves and swell, their interactions with marine structures on large time and space scales, and on the performance of offshore wave and wind energy recovery systems.

The research group uses numerical and experimental approaches according to the needs and the physics of the problems:
  •     Computer simulation in virtual tanks
  •     Ocean test facilities of the LHEEA laboratory
  •    SEM-REV offshore test site off the coast from Le Croisic
Two of the software programmes developed by the team are available in Open Source: NEMOH and HOS (HOS-OCEAN / HOS-NWT).


Research topics

  • Swell and state of complex seas
  • Large scale modeling of wave and floating wind turbines
  • Study and optimization of the energy performance of floating wave and wind turbine systems
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on July 17, 2018