ICI Research group - High Performance Computing Institute

 ICI - Institut de Calcul Intensif 


Head: Luisa SILVA

Research field

The High Performance Computing Institute (ICI)  aims to become both a resource center and a research and skills center. This is what makes the institute innovative and unique at the regional and national level.

The ICI works on research applications that are of direct interest to industry, enabling companies to accelerate their design processes and reduce time-to-market, while significantly improving their products.

Centrale Nantes thus benefits from a calculation power to match its ambitions for each of its sectors: land transport, aeronautics, shipbuilding and energy.

French research in mathematics is recognized internationally, through the work and the expertise of its researchers, and the laboratories of major engineering schools such as Centrale Nantes form part of this dynamic of excellence by focusing on digital mathematics.

The supercomputer installed at Centrale Nantes as part of the Connect Talent project in the Pays de la Loire region is one of the most powerful French regional centers. It will provide access to unprecedented levels of precision, changing the game and releasing new potential for innovation.

Research topics

  • Massively parallel implementation and computation
  • Anisotropic mesh adaptation
  • Resolution of Navier Stokes and Stokes equations, treatment of non-linearities, direct simulation of turbulence, viscoelasticity and pseudoplasticity
  • Aerothermal simulation, low-speed aerodynamics and hydrology
  • Direct simulation from imagery (segmentation, automatic meshing)
  • Development of parallel software applications in different fields, such as materials science and energy.
Published on March 19, 2017 Updated on March 20, 2023