MEO Research Group - Materials-Environment-Structures

MEO - Matériaux-Environnement-Ouvrages



Head: Ahmed LOUKILI.

Field of research

The activities of the Materials-Environment-Structures research group have developed around three axes: multi-scale approaches, sustainability of structures and multiphysical couplings, and behavior of structures under complex loads.

The work undertaken has brought new solutions for controlling the durability of structures in their environment. New experimental techniques have been developed and have demonstrated well-identified behaviors of rock and cement materials.

Two types of numerical modeling have been developed: for in-depth analysis of the microstructure of materials and for a predictive analysis of the behavior of the structures.

The group’s research work is carried out almost exclusively in collaboration with an industrial partner or in the framework of a collaborative project with the support of industrialists.


Research topics

  • Soil Structure Interactions
  • Durability of structures and multi-physical couplings
  • Deferred behavior of cementitious materials
  • Performance-based approach to the durability of concretes and constructions
  • Thermal properties of cementitious materials and building structures
  • Scale effect on the mechanical behavior of quasi-fragile cementitious materials
Published on March 18, 2017 Updated on March 15, 2018