MS Research group - Modelling and Simulation

MS - Modélisation et simulation


Head: Laurent STAINIER

Research field

The MS research group deals with modelling and simulation for three main applications: couplings (mechanical / thermal / diffusion and contact), durability (composite materials, metallic, concrete) and uncertainties (in a multi-scale or model reduction framework).

The research is conducted with a multidisciplinary approach bringing together numerical mechanics, theoretical mechanics, mathematics, technology and computer science.

The team is developing an integrated modelling / simulation approach. Indeed, numerical simulation can not be considered independently from the modelling approach adopted in many coupling, durability and uncertainty problems. Careful consideration (notably using theoretical mechanics and mathematical tools) must be given to the modelling in order to combine with robust and efficient numerical simulation methods.

Research topics

  • Modeling of electrical cables and anchoring fluid and thermal coupling
  • Contact, friction, variational inequality
  • Damage, Rupture, Level Set
  • Fatigue, Composite, Self heating
  • Crash, Composite, Behavior
  • Uncertainties and Model Reduction
  • Uncertainties, Multi-scale, Defects
Published on March 20, 2017 Updated on March 15, 2018