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Alexandre S.,

Class of 2010, Double degree TU Berlin

Published on December 18, 2019 Updated on December 18, 2019
  • Why did you choose Centrale Nantes?
  • What were your selection criteria?
Whilst the "Centrale" brand is very powerful argument when it comes to applying for engineering schools, there were two other, more concrete, arguments behind my choice:
The multi-disciplinary nature of the programme means very diverse careers are possible: the idea of being able, during one's career, to move from industry to telecommunications, to work within a large group or create one's own company seduced me.
In addition, the opportunities for experience abroad or in a partner institution make Centrale Nantes a place where students can benefit from so many different experiences.

  • How did you benefit from your time at Centrale Nantes (study programme, life on campus etc.)?
Since I have been in Germany, I have realized how much Centrale taught me:
Having started a course in civil engineering and energy, I was able to adapt very quickly to new courses: having learned to model and solve varied and sometimes abstract problems allows me to be very quickly at ease in fields for which I have no previous knowledge.
Moreover, my multidisciplinary background helps me to consider problems from a different perspective and above all to understand their complexity.
As for associative life, strongly encouraged in the school, the responsibilities undertaken and the contacts made help prepare for different professional situations: motivating a team, leading a meeting, negotiating with a supplier are everyday experiences in a Centrale Nantes association.

  • What kind of career are you planning?
Many elements throughout my studies (courses, conferences or associations) emphasized the role of an engineer in the sustainable development of our society. On a personal level, energy efficiency in buildings is a particular interest of mine. My studies have exposed me to different professions in this field (from works management to the development of real estate projects through research) but it is certain that the societal dimension will influence my choice of career.

Published on December 18, 2019 Updated on December 18, 2019