Build bridges to pursue your career and your education

The breadth and depth of our courses provide important employability skills closely linked to the current and future needs of industry. Our Bachelor of Engineering graduates are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future and can look forward to excellent employment prospects at the end of the programme. Bachelor's graduates will also have the option of continuing their education in a Master's programme for the fifth and sixth years:

Bachelor of Engineering graduates will also have the opportunity to apply to join one of the Master's Programmes at Centrale Nantes.

  • or, an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree:
    • Master EMship advanced design
    • Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics
    • Electric Vehicle Propulsion and Control
    • Master in Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

The Strength of Networks

Centrale Nantes belongs to the prestigious Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, higher education and research institutions with a long tradition of innovation, design, construction and manufacturing. Since its foundation, the Groupe des Ecoles Centrales has followed the same calling: training engineers capable of meeting the greatest challenges of their era.

Centrale Nantes facilitates both professor and student international exchanges through Double Degree collaborations (e.g. TIME and Maghalães networks) and Erasmus Mundus partnerships such as HERITAGE with India and INTERWEAVE with Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand...). Many international students are awarded attractive scholarships from Centrale Nantes, the European Commission or the Pays de la Loire Region.

The recognition of the scientific excellence of Centrale Nantes facilitates its collaboration with regional economic bodies as well as global companies, and interaction with similar networks abroad. Centrale Nantes bridges the gaps between education, research, development, and the corporate world.

The Ecoles Centrale Group has an international network of over 100,000 alumni. 17,000 Centrale Nantes alumni occupy key positions of responsibility across a variety of sectors, functions and companies.

Access to cutting-edge technology platforms

As a source of innovation and openness, Centrale Nantes provides strong links with industry and enjoys a reputation of excellence around the world. The school's research units possess experimental equipment that is unique in their respective fields, particularly in naval hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, civil engineering, crash testing, virtual reality, robotics, and machining.
The research laboratories are totally integrated into the educational programme of the school to ensure study-through-research for engineering students and enrich their training by giving them access to inductive pedagogies in the laboratories and enabling those who start their career in R&D to prepare for their future responsibilities.
Published on April 8, 2015 Updated on December 10, 2019