Degree apprenticeship in partnership with ITII: Construction and Public Works

Training engineers in Construction and Public Works, with the technical and managerial skills to design and achieve tomorrow's building sites.

Programme Overview

  • Sciences and techniques of the specialism: general processes in the construction, management and budgeting of building sites.
  • Engineering sciences: mathematics, physics, mechanical structures.
  • Social Sciences for the workplace: management and organization, the legal and social environment.
  • Economics and industrial organization: construction and urban planning laws, public and private contracts.
  • Career planning and international training: communication in English, international work placements

Career Prospects

  • Construction engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Cost estimation engineer
  • Methods engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Quality engineer


Applicants must hold a two-year post-secondary diploma (equivalent to a French DUT or BTS - eg a HNC or HND) preferably in one of the following fields:
  • Civil Engineering (building, public works and planning, or technical equipment)
  • Environmental engineering
  • Building
  • Public Works
  • Land Surveying and topography
  • Metal construction

For further information

ITII PAYS DE LA LOIRE: - 00 33 2 28 03 69 06 - website:
Kevin BINIOU, Construction and Public Works, class of 2015

"At the age of 27, I have just completed my training as a Construction and Public Works engineer at Centrale Nantes in partnership with the ITII. My training path was somewhat unorthodox [...]: science at high school, then locksmith training, followed by a 2-year diploma in steel structures, a Design in Metal Architecture diploma, and finally a Construction and Public Works degree at Centrale Nantes in partnership with the ITII.

During those eight years of training, I evolved within the same company, which supported and trained me. I started in the company as a manual worker in a workshop, and have climbed the ranks to my position today of project manager in charge of the works department."
Published on February 13, 2017 Updated on September 12, 2022