Customise your engineering programme

Dual expertise, international experience & versatility

Over a third of students on the engineering programme opt for a double degree abroad. After completing two years at Centrale Nantes they pursue their studies in a university abroad. Successful candidates are awarded the diplomas of both Centrale Nantes and of their host institution.
  Double degree progammes have been developed more recently at Centrale Nantes offering students the opportunity to acquire expertise across two disciplines:
  Students can also explore the option of pursuing their studies in medecine.

Also on offer within the engineering programme at Centrale Nantes is the option of combining studies with first-hand industrial experience via a degree apprenticeship across two or three years of the programme or in the final year only.

A gap year offers students on the engineering and Masters programmes the opportunity to acquire skills outside the Centrale curriculum, before or as a break in their studies.
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on November 16, 2020