Embedded Interface Developer Programme at WIZTIVI

Upon course completion, the participants will be able to develop embedded interfaces adapted to customer needs, using the front end and back end technologies encountered during the programme. Participants who complete the programme successfully will be offered a fixed-term contract at WIZTIVI.

Opens on 8th January 2019.
Apply with the reference "WIZTIVI" and forward your CV and cover letter to executive-education@ec-nantes.fr by 23 November 2018.

Open to:

  • Jobseekers

Entry requirements:

  • 2 to 5 years post secondary education / PhD
  • scientific background
  • evidence of motivation for the digital sector
  • basic knowledge in IT / algorithms / programming
  • knowledge of English

Course Content:

  • Analyze and respond to customer needs based on business techniques and functional analysis. Business techniques & consulting - functional analysis
  • Undertake and promote embedded interface projects based on project methodology and communication techniques.
  • Project management (agile methods, V-model) - Development monitoring tool (JIRA software solution) - interpersonal communication
  • Design and develop embedded user interfaces using the front-end and back-end technologies covered in the programme.
  • HTML 5 & CSS - JS React - Javascript (NodeJS) & Jquery - Using the GIT platform - Object-Oriented Programming - Event / Asynchronous programming
  • Test your embedded interface project and apply appropriate measures to maintain or resolve security, quality and performance issues
  • Network, System & Security - Continuous Integration (Grunt) & Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Understand the digital ecosystem and self-train / learn about digital news and innovation.
  • Big picture (Technologies & Embedded Solutions (mobile, TV)) - Connected TV Technical Ecosystem

What is WIZTIVI?

  • expert solutions for connected TV
  • among European and global leaders of user interfaces and interactive services on televisions, mobiles and tablets
  • creator of simple and interactive TV experiences for the user
  • > 100 employees in Carquefou
Published on June 18, 2018 Updated on November 14, 2018