Invest in Digital People

13 trainees - 9 partner companies

The 13 women and men, selected via the job-dating session organised on 4 October 2022, are in training from 20 October to 22 March 2022. The training is taking place at Centrale Nantes, the training organisation selected by COPIL Invest in Digital People to implement the first occupational training programme.
The "Java web developer" training course is intense. It is designed to enable participants to develop the skills sought by digital companies and to achieve their career plans. The accelerated and comprehensive programme makes future employees operational very quickly. Once in post they will be able to capitalise on and build their new skills. 
The 8 partner companies (4CAD group, Capgemini, Sogeti, CGI, Inetum, NIJI, Onepoint, Sigma and U GIE IRIS), defined their needs and led the recruitment interviews. They have committed to offering jobseekers on the programme either a long fixed-term or a permanent contract.

Trainee feedback

  • 100% of the trainees are very satisfied and pleased with this training course.
  • 100% of the trainees recommend this training course.
"Each trainer taught in his/her own way, with patience and teaching skills, and transmitted his/her his knowledge."
"The training: great, dynamic, and approachable people, who created a good atmosphere."
"Excellent follow-up from the trainers and the Centrale Nantes management team."
"The strong point of this training: the dynamism of the speakers, their willingness to help and to adapt to our needs."
"The strong point of the teaching: adaptation to different cognitive profiles."

Invest in Digital People

A steering committee is in place with a common ambition for all members: change the way they recruit in order to attract new talent into the digital sector. To this end 3 guiding principles are applied:
  1. Open up to non IT-qualified candidates
  2. Invest in Training
  3. Support integration into the company and skill development
The approach is therefore particularly innovative by the nature of the stakeholders it has brought together. 'Invest in Digital People' has been built to meet the shared needs of companies who compete with one another in terms of the candidates they recruit.
The approach is also pragmatic: recruitment difficulties are significant due to insufficient candidates. It is only by joining forces that solutions can be found, in a sector whose needs are exploding and evolving very quickly.
The origins of 'Invest in People'
Initiated in the Hauts de France region, the idea for 'Invest In Digital People' came about from the observation that different French regions, particularly around Nantes, have available manpower but little or no training in the digital sector. From then on, under the aegis of Pôle Emploi and ADN Ouest, companies in the Pays de la Loire region joined forces to find innovative solutions: 'Invest In Digital People' came into being.
Published on March 5, 2020 Updated on January 23, 2023