EIT Manufacturing Master School

The EIT Manufacturing Master's (EIT-M) is designed to attract and empower top talents preparing them to become leading innovators and entrepreneurs in manufacturing.

Four different programmes are on offer through the EIT-M Master School at a consortium of European universities, one of which is available at Centrale Nantes. Students move from their entry university at the end of the first year to their exit university in a different country for the second year. The language of instruction throughout is English.

EIT-M programme graduates are awarded two Master degrees - one from each university. An EIT Label certificate is also conferred to participants who have followed one of the 4 programmes (with international mobility), taken part in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship courses (in particular the summer school) and successfully completed an internship in industry.

The EIT-M, which is set to welcome its first intake of students in September 2021, will be one of the main assets of the EIT Manufacturing innovation communities, spreading innovation and creating new business in the manufacturing ecosystem.


About the EIT-M Programmes

The programmes offer mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation & entrepreneurship, and business modules. EIT-M Master’s graduates will generate start-ups or innovate within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and to the creation of new quality jobs.

The EIT-M Master’s Programmes feature strong participation from industry with real case studies, testimonies and company visits, and internships.

A choice of four programmes:

  • People and Robots for Sustainable Work
  • Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility
  • Zero Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy
  • Platforms for digitalized value networks - on offer at Centrale Nantes

What qualifications are awarded?

  • 2 Master degrees (conferred by the entry and exit universities)
  • An EIT Label Certificate

Graduates also earn 120 ECTS credits.

Platforms for digitalized value networks programme

This programme is a combination of studying manufacturing sciences including the usage and adoption of advanced digital solutions and platforms.

Who are the Partner Universities?

  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
  • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy
  • Centrale Nantes (ECN), France
  • University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland


What will you learn here at Centrale Nantes?

The courses here will introduce the paradigms of company management based on new information environments and systems, including cyber-physical systems.

At the conclusion of the programme, students should be able to model an enterprise, to simulate and optimize its performance, to model and develop solutions for inter-operability between information systems, based on ontologies and multi-view models at different scales (shop floor, factory, company, extended enterprise). New technologies like IoT, smart and agile organizations, etc., and interaction technologies, like virtual and augmented reality, will be integrated in the courses. The place of humans in new smart organizations will also be considered.


What is EIT Manufacturing?

EIT Manufacturing is an Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) – that connects the leading manufacturing actors in Europe. Fueled by a strong interdisciplinary and trusted community, we will add unique value to European products, processes, services – and inspire the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

Published on September 17, 2020 Updated on February 18, 2021