Joint Master's Programme in Computational Mechanics


The Joint Master's programme in Computational Mechanics welcomed its first students in 2007, under the Erasmus Mundus label of excellence. The progamme was extended in 2014 for a further 5 years under the same terms.

The last intake of students having graduated in 2019, the Master's degree no longer receives European funding. Centrale Nantes and the Universitat Politecnicà de Catalunya (UPC) signed a double-degree agreement in 2020 to enable the programme to continue.

This means that students who wish to pursue a double degree can complete one year in France and one year in Spain.

Consortium Partners

The Universitat Politecnicà de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona and Centrale Nantes are the two institutions taking part in this double degree programme.

Graduates of the programme are awarded:

Application requirements

To apply for the double degree programme, students must be enrolled in the first year (M1) of one of the following local master's programmes:
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering - Computational Mechanics at Centrale Nantes in France. Apply here for the M1 year at Centrale Nantes:
  • Master in Numerical Methods in Engineering at the Universitat Politecnicà de Catalunya (UPC) in Spain. Apply here for the M1 year at UPC:
During the first year of the MSc programme, students can apply for the double degree programme by contacting the International Relations Department in their M1 host institution. A cover letter and CV will be required.

Tuition fees and scholarships

  • M1 institution registration fees apply for both years.
  • Students can enquire of their M1 institution whether they are eligible for an Erasmus+ mobility grant
Published on June 3, 2020 Updated on May 23, 2023