FAQ Masters Applications

Fees and Financing

What is the total cost of the Master's programme?

For non-European students: €15,000 for two years. For European students: national fees of approximately €260 per year.
Students from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are considered as European students.

Is it possible to pay the tuition fees in instalments?

Yes. It is possible to pay in instalments throughout the programme.

Do I have to provide proof of funds in order to be accepted?

You do not need to provide any proof of funds during the application process. Once you have been accepted, you will need to make a first instalment in order to receive the official letter of acceptance.

I have never lived in France or in Europe so I am unfamiliar with the cost of living for a student in Nantes. What should I expect to pay for my monthly living expenses?

Monthly expenses are approximately €700 per month in Nantes.

Which scholarships are available?

Centrale Nantes can award Elite scholarships to non-European students. You can apply for an Elite scholarship on the Master's online application form. The deadline for Elite scholarship applications is 31 March 2020. You may be eligible for other scholarships offered through Erasmus Mundus Master's programmes, Campus France or the French Embassy in your country.

Am I eligible to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship?

Unfortunately, no. Masters students are not eligible for the Eiffel scholarship, which is only available to Centrale Nantes students accepted for a double degree on the Engineering Programme. You may be eligible for another scholarship - see ‘which scholarships are available’ above.

Am I allowed, as an international student, to work in France to support myself during my studies and how many hours would I be expected to work?

Centrale Nantes does not recommend working in addition to your studies as the Master's course is quite tough. However, for your information, international students who hold a one-year student visa are allowed to work a maximum of 964 hours per year.

Do you provide accommodation for international students?

The Centrale Nantes International Relations Department and the student associations (MSA and ACCENTS) will help you to prepare your arrival in Nantes, to find accommodation near the campus and to fulfil the administrative requirements. Please note that the monthly living expenses in Nantes are around €700.

Applications and Eligibility

What is the deadline for applications to Master's Programmes starting in September 2020?

The application deadline for the 2020 intake is 15 May 2020.

Do I need to submit results of a French language test?

There is no French level requirement. All Masters programmes are taught in English. You will have French language classes during your two-year programme in order to familiarize yourself with the language.
NB - Exception: Master in City and Urban Environments - Architecture, Ambiances, Urbanity. Some courses are taught in French in the second semester of the first year (M1) and in the second year. A minimum B2 level in French is required for M1 admission, raising to C1 level by the end of the first semester of the first year.

Which documents do I have to provide for the Master's application?

Within your online application form, you will have to upload your CV, most recent degree certificate, certified copies of academic transcripts, cover letter, English test score, two letters of recommendation, a valid ID document.

Do my transcripts/degrees have to be translated?

It is recommended that you submit your application in English. French and Spanish versions are usually accepted by the admissions board.

Do I have to send documents by post?

There is no need to send us your documents by post. Online documents suffice.

Can I apply for two different Master's programmes simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply for two different Master's programmes at the same time. You may be offered a place on both programmes.

How long after applying will I know if I am accepted?

You will receive our response with the outcome of your application within 1 to 2 months of application.

What are the entry requirements for a Master's Programme?

International students must hold a bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Technology) or equivalent, in a field related to Science and Technology. French and European students must have a 'license' qualification or equivalent.

Programme details

Does the programme include an internship?

The final semester of your second year will consist of a six-month internship that can be undertaken in a company or in a laboratory, in France or abroad. You will receive support and guidance from school faculty and personnel to help you through the whole process.

Who accredited the programme?

The Masters programmes are all accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
Published on April 10, 2018 Updated on April 20, 2020