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Support Centrale Nantes, 4th best engineering school in France

  • pay your apprenticeship tax *
  • donate to the Centrale Initiatives foundation
  • encourage the incubator's startups

Pay your apprenticeship tax

  • Target your engineering recruitment
  • Boost your company image
  • Build the academic/industry links of tomorrow

Deadline for apprenticeship tax payment - 1 March 2019

* Apprenticeship tax (taxe d'apprentissage): a company tax established by the French government to support the vocational training of employees. It is calculated based on company payroll and is paid to the school or schools of the company's choice.

Encourage the startups of the Centrale-Audencia-ensa nantes Incubator

  • > 100 projects supported
  • > 70 companies created
  • > 60 companies still in operation
  • > 200 jobs created
Published on March 23, 2017 Updated on September 5, 2019