Train your personnel

Centrale Nantes Executive Education builds on the education programmes on offer to Centrale Nantes students in its fields of expertise: scientific, technological and managerial. Whether you are a graduate of Centrale Nantes, a company employee, or a job seeker, Centrale Nantes can help you to develop your skills.

Tailored Programmes

Centrale Nantes transfers its expertise through its Executive Education programmes. This is one of Centrale Nantes main aims: to fully participate in the process of cross-fertilization between academia and the corporate world.

Centrale Nantes is committed to providing a tailored response to your training needs with short courses on topics such as:

  •     Sustainable development
  •     Marine Renewable Energies
  •     Composite materials
  •     Thermodynamics of engine systems
  •     Earthquake Engineering
  •     Geographic Information Systems
  •     Leadership
  •     Customer communication
  •     Making Science accessible
  •     Time Management
  •     Financial Management
  •     Job interviews
These courses allow trainees to acquire skills which are immediately transferable to a professional context. The above courses can be adapted according to company requirements.

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Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on March 28, 2017