Research at Centrale Nantes is carried out in highly competetif laboratories internationally recognized collaborations with industry. All fields of investigation are related to the science of engineering, i.e. automatic control, robotics, tele-communication, oceanic engineering, mechanics of materials and calculation of structures and civil engineering.

Research Institute of Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes

Robotics, Image, Signal et Automatics, Mechanical and Productive Systems, Electronic Systems, Telecom and Radar.

GeM - Research Institute of Civil Engineering and Mechanics

Metallic and Composites Assemblies, Computational Mechanics and "Couplage", Polymers, Dynamics and Processing Technology

Jean Leray Laboratory for Mathematics

Non linear PDEScientific calculusApproximationProbability statistic

CERMA - Center for Methodological Research in Architectural

Modelling and simulation of natural phenoma Characterisation of the ambiancesDesign of the ambiances

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