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CERMA - Center for Methodological Research in Architectural

Published on November 15, 2011 Updated on December 9, 2013
Modelling and simulation of natural phenoma Characterisation of the ambiances Design of the ambiances
WEBSITE : http://www.cerma.archi.fr/CERMA/englishintroduction

Created in 1971

Research laboratory of Nantes School of Architecture (Ministry of Culture) and CNRS French National Centre for Scientific Research (Ministry of Research and Education).

Over 40 members : 35 researchers and PhD students who come from various fields (architecture, environnemental engineering, physics, computer science, geography),

Partnership with CRESSON Laboratory in Grenoble inside the joint research CNRS unit n°1563 "Architectural and Urban Ambient Environment"

Research field specialized in ambiances : the environment comfort which results from the user's perception and the interpretation of the physical state of the architectural or urban space

Fundamental research topics :
- Modelling and simulation of natural phenoma such as sun light, solar energy, heat, wind, noise and soundscape,
- Characterisation of the ambiances,
- Design of the ambiances : CAD, actors and doctrines, Applied research : development of softwares for the simulation and the analysis of the natural phenomena and CAD tools.

CERMA and CRESSON lead the International Ambiances Network "Ambiances.net" , which aims at structuring and developing the research field of architectural and urban ambiances, with twenty international team members(Germany, Brazil, Canada, United States, ...).

  • Robotics, Image, Signal et Automatics (ISA) covers 3 teams : Command, Analysis and Decision in Signal Processing (ADTS), Image et Video Communications (IVC)
  • Mechanical and Productive Systems (SMP) covers 2 teams : Robotics and CMAO Productics (CMAOP)
  • Production Systems (SdP) composed of 3 teams : Analysis and Command of Discreet Events Systems (ACSED), Logistic and production Systems (SLP) and Real Time Systemsl (STR)
  • Electronic Systems, Telecom and Radar (SETRA) covers 2 teams : Telecommunication and Radar and Polarimetry

Today, the Institute employs approximately 190 people, of which 89 are researchers and lecturer-researchers, 82 are doctorates and 18 are engineers, technicians or administrative staff.

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