M. Guillaume Ducrozet

Associate professor of Hydrodynamics


Ecole Centrale Nantes 1, rue de la Noë 44321 Nantes, France

(+33) 240 371 645
(+33) 240 372 523

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

My teaching activities takes place at Ecole Centrale de Nantes and are mainly:
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Water Waves and Sea States Modeling

Those different activities are part of:

Thèmes de recherche

My current research interests focus on the numerical modelling of nonlinear gravity waves in oceans and wave tanks. I work on the development of efficient numerical models in this concern and especially with pseudo-spectral methods (High-Order Spectral approach). Using those models, I am interested in the understanding of nonlinear processes during wave generation and propagation (instabilities, freak waves…). The inclusion of additional physical processes in nonlinear wave models is now my primary concern: variable bathymetry, wind forcing, whitecapping dissipation…

In addition, I work in close collaboration with other members of LHEEA Lab. for wave-structure interactions and the set-up of efficient coupling strategies: RANS solvers with SWENS approach or SPH method.

My research activities lead me to take part to different collaborations and research projects. For instance:
  • ANR projects (Dysturb, CREATIF, SOGOOD, etc.)
  • H2020 projects (FLOATECH)
  • French Investment for the future (IRT Jules Verne, LabEx MER, ISite NExT, etc.)
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