TA-VIE - Tools for Enhancing and Assessing the Value of International Experience for Engineers

TA-VIE investigated the most relevant competencies of engineers sought by companies in the 5 different national contexts, highlighting the contribution of international mobility to the development of these competencies and defining a toolkit to measure them. This ambitious four-year project ran until 31 August 2021.

TA-VIE aimed to develop internationalization strategies and tools for enhancing and assessing global competence for engineering students and alumni, promoting embedded mobility schemes and enforcing their quality, and strengthening employability through cooperation across national and organizational borders.

Project objectives:

  • Identify the global competence (knowledge, skills and attitudes) needed by engineers to work and communicate effectively in organisations and companies characterized by cultural and social diversity.
  • Develop a toolkit that helps HEIs, companies and organisations as well as engineers to assess the impact of training and international experience on global competence, which will enhance quality assurance of education and international mobility.
  • Develop innovative and effective teaching and training strategies for students in higher education, drawing on theory and current best practices, and making better use of the many existing opportunities for embedded mobility and cooperation.
  • Develop strategies and ways for promoting employability that valorizes the competence of engineering graduates with international experience.

Project Partners

Published on May 6, 2021 Updated on September 13, 2021