Participate in the teaching programme

Working hand-in-hand with industry

Industry plays a central role in Centrale Nantes curricula providing a strong vocational focus. Our strong commitment to developing industrial partnerships multiplies the synergies between Centrale Nantes, companies and industry networks.

Centrale Nantes aims to train our students to be responsible, adaptable and innovative. Our constantly updated programmes, incorporating business projects and hands-on experience, are firmly focused on scientific knowledge and the most advanced techniques.

The student is thus called upon to take the driving seat in his study and career path, particularly through the choice of specialisations and professional options.

The Centrale Nantes graduate is an operational engineer who is capable of understanding and measuring the challenges of your industrial projects within their competitive and international environment.

Study Projects / Tutored Partner Projects

Centrale Nantes has a dual role - to train engineers and to undertake research and industrial studies. It may undertake industrial studies linked to topics taught in the school on behalf of companies. Such studies can be carried out in several different ways according to their nature and objectives:

Degree apprenticeships

Centrale Nantes is totally geared towards working hand-in-hand with industry. We were one of the first general engineering schools to introduce degree apprenticeships. Two different degree apprenticeship programmes are on offer at Centrale Nantes:
  1. within the general engineering programme
  2. in partnership with the ITII des Pays de la Loire.

Gap Year

Our students can opt to put their studies on hold in order to take a year out in industry, in France or abroad.
Published on December 19, 2016 Updated on June 12, 2024