Sustainable Development Department

Sustainable development has been an important part of Centrale Nantes' strategy since 2006 and is supported by various action plans. Meeting "sustainable development objectives" implies concerted efforts across Centrale Nantes activities and departments. The newly created position of Director of Sustainable Development and of a network of coordinators will guarantee a cross-disciplinary approach and bring together the necessary "business" skills.

Creation of the Sustainable Development Department

The role of the Sustainable Development Department (3D) is to draw up and implement an action plan for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, based on the priorities set out in the national reference framework for higher education and research: Strategy and governance, Teaching and training, Research, Environmental management, Social policy and local communities.

This commitment is reflected in a number of specific initiatives, in collaboration with the school's students and stakeholders.
The Sustainable Development Department oversees the school's Sustainable Development policies.
  • 2020: In September 2020, Emmanuel Rozière was appointed Director of Sustainable Development and a member of the school's Executive Committee.
  • 2021: A new position of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager was created to supervise the implementation of the school's Sustainable Development and CSR policies.
  • 2020-2021: A network of coordinators was set up to ensure a cross-functional approach and to bring together the necessary business skills. Their first task was to reflect on and co-construct a proposal for a Sustainable Development and Responsibility Action Plan for the attention of the Centrale Nantes' Board of Governors.  
  • 2021: adoption of the institution's 2021-2025 sustainable development plan
  • Signature of various charters and commitments by the institution on various aspects of sustainable development with its 3 ecological, social and societal pillars.

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, a policy that extends across the entire institution

  • Appointed Director of Sustainable Development in September 2020, Emmanuel Rozière was joined in February 2021 by Vanessa Le Garrec, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Manager, to complete the team alongside Bruno Pettinotti, who heads up the network of coordinators. This network is made up of staff, teachers/researchers, students and alumni.
  • On 1 June 2022, Marta Herrera was appointed Equality & Diversity Coordinator to implement the Equality Diversity policy and coordinate the Equality & Diversity Committee. The Student Life Team (Academic Affairs) is heavily involved in implementing this policy for students. HR is also involved for staff. Emmanuel Rozière is also the institution's disability advisor.
  • On 15 January 2024, Virginie Senlis was appointed to prepare the application for DD&RS (sustainable development and social responsibility) accreditation. She reports to the Operational Support Unit. She is also working on equality and diversity accreditation.
  • On 1 January 2024, Delphine Yven was appointed Sustainable Mobility Officer to implement the mobility policy for staff, under an agreement with Nantes Métropole. She reports to the Facilities Department and contributes directly to the objective of reducing GHG emissions in scope 3.
Published on January 5, 2021 Updated on May 23, 2024