Equality and diversity at Centrale Nantes

Centrale Nantes is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion for its staff and students.
To this end, the school set up an Equality and Diversity Committee in 2020. The goal of the Committee is to ensure that everyone is free to embrace their differences and identity without fear of scrutiny from others and to maintain equality and respect for all.

The committee is addressing five main themes: International, Gender Equality, Disability, Secularism, LGBTQI+.

Centrale Nantes has set up actions to promote the well-being of international students and staff in three main areas:

  • Arrival/integration of international students and staff
  • Raising student awareness of cultural differences
  • Providing staff the opportunity to learn a foreign language

Centrale Nantes upholds the principles of "French secularism" as applied in public institutions in order to facilitate the life of everyone on campus, students and staff alike.

In this respect, the school:

  • advises and assists staff and students in matters of secularism via a dedicated working group within the equality and diversity committee,
  • maintains a FAQ answering the most frequently asked practical questions in higher education and research.
  • informs users and staff about secular issues (during welcome days, in welcome booklets, for "Secularity Day" on 9 December, etc.)
  • and more generally, acts to prevent any act of proselytism, discrimination, incitement to hatred or any other act contrary to the principles of neutrality and secularism

Centrale Nantes's procedures allow for student welcome, integration and harmonious co-existence, regardless of sexual orientation and sexual or gender identity. Examples of school actions in favour:

Gender Equality

As part of its commitment to gender equality, the school has put in place an action plan with four main tenets:

  • Preventing and addressing pay and career gaps
  • Ensuring equal access to jobs and responsibilities
  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Combating sexist and sexual violence, harassment and gender-based discrimination

Download the action plan

Most disability situations are linked to temporary and non-visible differences. As an inclusive school, Centrale Nantes deploys a broad-scope and coordinated action to host learners and staff with disabilities in the best possible conditions. The actions deployed involve:

  • Information and awareness of disability issues,
  • Support for teachers, trainers and managers in charge integrating people with disabilities,
  • Pedagogical considerations,
  • Improving campus conditions and accessibility.
Published on October 11, 2021 Updated on September 23, 2022