CENTRALE NANTES, a top-ranking school on the international stage

Training curious, responsible and open-minded engineers

In keeping with the traditions of French Engineering schools (grandes écoles d'ingénieurs), Centrale Nantes, founded in 1919, trains versatile engineers to a very high scientific and technical level. Equipped with a strong managerial culture, they are capable of placing scientific subjects into a global context incorporating environmental and societal issues.

As a member of the Ecoles Centrales Group (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Paris), Centrale Nantes delivers a teaching programme of the highest quality to rigorously selected students. Over 2000 students are present on the Nantes campus.

Our extensive links with the world's top universities opens up international study opportunities.  The school belongs to one of the most exclusive networks, which is ever expanding, particularly towards India, Japan, Brazil and Russia.

Beyond this renowned training, with the support of numerous strong institutional and industrial partnerships Centrale Nantes produces world-class academic and applied research. Research and education have always gone hand in hand at the school. The scientific courses fall within the research areas of the school's teaching staff and they conduct their research in the school laboratories. This osmosis between education and research will be valuable, beneficial and a guarantee of quality in your studies at Centrale Nantes.

Innovation and Support

At Centrale Nantes you will be in tune with the economic world, at the very heart of innovation. In a spirit of innovative exploration, entrepreneurship and practical application, our training will confront you with the major challenges of the 21st century, combining theory and "doing".

Centrale Nantes has two major tools for innovation and creation: unrivaled research platforms (ocean test facilities, dynamic and static testing, rapid manufacturing, engine test benchs etc) and an incubator with 20 years of experience in supporting startup projects. Since an engineer develops products for society, you will learn how companies work and develop your ability to create, develop and manage them. For those of you who wish to start your own company, the Centrale Audencia ensa Nantes Business Incubator is there to help.

What matters most to us, beyond imparting knowledge, is to support you in your personal and career development plans, whether they be already well-defined or yet to be broached. For this reason, each training programme is different, and the coaching that you will benefit from here will enhance your personal growth and career development.
Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Director of Centrale Nantes
Published on November 14, 2016 Updated on November 3, 2021