Support us through your Apprenticeship Tax

Apprenticeship Tax (taxe d'apprentissage)

Join us in giving this generation of students the skills and capacity to contribute effectively to the energy transition and to societal and technological issues! By donating your apprenticeship tax to Centrale Nantes, you will help us to develop our educational activities.

New arrangements for 2023

From 25 May 2023, each company is invited to connect to the new SOLTéA platform implemented by Caisse des Dépôts with its identifiers obtained on Net-Entreprises. Each company can thus choose the beneficiary institutions and allocate its payments.

How to pay your Apprenticeship tax to Centrale Nantes?

  • Connect to the SoltéA platform:
  • Select RECHERCHE ÉTABLISSEMENT to find the institution
  • Find Centrale Nantes with one of the following:
    Centrale Nantes
    Code UAI: 0440100V
    SIRET: 194 401 006 00011
    Postal address: 1 RUE DE LA NOË - 44321 NANTES CEDEX 3
  • Select VOIR LA FICHE to see the relevant information

  • Select the preferred allocation method

  • Select ENREGISTRER MES CHOIX to confirm your choice

  • Select ACCEDER À LA SYNTHESE to see a summary

  • For Centrale Nantes, in the ACTION column, select MODIFIER to allocate your payment

  • Specify the amount that you wish to allocate to Centrale Nantes

  • VALIDER to confirm

  • Don't forget to register your allocations

NB: Only fully allocated credits (remaining credits at 0) will be transferred to institutions in July.

In 2023 Apprenticeship tax will be collected directly by the Urssaf and the MSA via the DSN - Déclaration Sociale Nominative. It now represents 0.09% of the total payroll. Each company pays their apprenticeship tax, with a deduction on 5 or 15 May, via the DSN of April 2023. The funds are then transferred to the Caisse des Dépôts. It is up to each company to determine the allocation of these funds to the institutions of its choice from 25 May.

Support Centrale Nantes for the future of our students


Our commitments

  • Engineering for ecological transition is incorporated into our training programmes at Centrale Nantes, so that future engineers can design new ways of producing, working, consuming and living together, through the circular economy and eco-design.
  • Centrale Nantes is committed to equality and diversity. Our "Gender Equality" action plan is based on 4 main priorities:
    •  Guaranteeing equal access to jobs and responsibilities
    •  Preventing and addressing pay and career gaps
    •  Fostering work-life balance
    •  Combating sexist and sexual violence, harassment and gender-based discrimination
  • Centrale Nantes is committed to Ecology and the Environment. For example, PIAFF&CO: a project that aims to improve knowledge of the flying fauna, birds and bats, around offshore wind farms.


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Published on January 16, 2018 Updated on May 24, 2023