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Apprenticeship Tax

Apprenticeship tax, commit to the future and to engineering training with Centrale Nantes and pay your apprenticeship tax in just 5 minutes!
The balance of the 13% is to be paid directly to the approved schools. Your contributions help and support Centrale Nantes financially so that we can continue to train and develop our students' skills.

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Our commitments

  • Engineering for ecological transition is incorporated into our training programmes at Centrale Nantes, so that future engineers can design new ways of producing, working, consuming and living together, through the circular economy and eco-design.
  • Centrale Nantes is committed to equality and diversity. Our "Gender Equality" action plan is based on 4 main priorities:
    •  Guaranteeing equal access to jobs and responsibilities
    •  Preventing and addressing pay and career gaps
    •  Fostering work-life balance
    •  Combating sexist and sexual violence, harassment and gender-based discrimination
  • Centrale Nantes is committed to Ecology and the Environment. For example, PIAFF&CO: a project that aims to improve knowledge of the flying fauna, birds and bats, around offshore wind farms.
Published on January 16, 2018 Updated on November 23, 2022