Study Abroad

A period of international study or work experience is a compulsory component of the engineering programme at Centrale Nantes. The minimum period is six months, (three months for degree apprenticeships).

What can I do? The different mobility options

Each student can undertake one or more international placements in the following formats:
  • Double degree: students pursuing a double degree spend two years at Centrale Nantes followed by two years in a university abroad. Successful candidates are awarded the diplomas of both Centrale Nantes and of their host institution.  One third of engineering programme students opt for a double degree programme.
  • Exchange year (with ECTS credits awarded) in one of our partner universities through programmes such as Erasmus + for Europe.
  • An internship : An increasing proportion of second and third year students complete their internships in companies or universities abroad.
  • Semester exchange in an partner university or a work placement abroad (S8)
  • Work experience abroad as part of a sandwich course.

Where can I go?

Centrale Nantes is a member of TIME - Top Industrial Managers for Europe - which groups together around forty European higher education establishments, and TIME Overseas: Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, United States of America, Indonesia, Japan. 

Financial Support

  • ERASMUS + scholarship: available to all Centrale Nantes students undertaking an ERASMUS+ mobility programme of between 2 and 12 months. 
  • UFA scholarship: Centrale Nantes has an agreement with the Université Franco-Allemande (UFA) whereby Centrale Nantes students receive financial support for their studies at one of the following universities: Technische Universität Darmstadt, Technische Universität München, Technische Universität Berlin, RWTH Aachen, Technische Universität Dresden.
  • ENVOLEO scholarship: an agreement with the Pays de la Loire Regional Council which provides financial support for students for international mobility of at leaast three months.
  • AMI - Aide à la Mobilité Internationale (International mobility support): for scholarship students.

Individual guidance

In order to meet the quality requirements of international study/work placements, Centrale Nantes provides individual support for students before, during and after the placement: each student is monitored by a professor at Centrale Nantes for the entire duration of the stay abroad. Students are given help to prepare their mobility: selection, application and funding advice.

Published on March 23, 2017 Updated on February 13, 2024