Student Careers Service

Fully integrated into the Student Life team, the Careers Service supports students in their professional development, internships/traineeships, projects, careers and employability.

2 areas of expertise, 1 commitment:
To be at your side for all professional aspects of your curriculum

From your first day at school to finding your first job, the Careers Service is there for you at every step of the way, with two service provisions to best serve the cause: counseling and professional events.

Our approach

Career services

Centrale Nantes Alumni team - a complementary asset

The Centrale Nantes Alumni Association supports Centraliens from the moment they join the school. Each student can activate his or her 'CNA' account and access the association's services (some are free, others are not). To find out more:

logo CNA

Centrale Nantes Alumni for students

Individual guidance and support

Do you need to clarify your career plans?
Or increase your self-confidence? Or manage your stress?
Clotilde Nicolaÿ, Centrale Nantes Alumni's coach can help.
The first session is free of charge (whether you are a member or not) and can be done remotely. If you join Centrale Nantes Alumni, you will be entitled to a free session each year!

Coaching sessions can be conducted while walking along the banks of the Erdre.

Learn more (in French)

Events to inspire you and build your network

Webinars and workshops to inform your career choices, including sharing the experience of other alumni, are organised.

Upcoming webinars

Published on May 11, 2020 Updated on September 19, 2023