Innovation in Teaching at Centrale Nantes

The ICT department at Centrale Nantes supports the teaching staff in injecting innovation across the teaching programmes.

  • Train teachers
  • Support innovation in techniques and teaching
  • Promote innovation and present lessons learnt


  • Provide teaching staff with technical and teaching support
  • Facilitate best practice exchanges, particularly via eCube seminars
  • Support the creation of digital content for interactive teaching
  • Develop teaching initiatives
  • Participate in the development of a digital campus


Supporting innovation in techniques and teaching
  • Monitoring of tools and practices
  • Evaluation of methods and lessons learnt
  • Learning scenarios
  • Teacher training for PhD students and new teachers blending classroom and distance learning



The teaching teams within the Centrale Nantes-Audencia-ensa Alliance work together to provide teachers with training and workshops on teaching innovation to enrich their practices on a daily basis via the a working group on teaching innovation (GRIP), eCube seminars: Teaching, Experiencing, Exchange (Centrale Nantes, Happy Learning (Audencia) and Educational Workshops (ENSA).


Posture with the choregrapher Loïc Touzé

Teaching large groups with teaching advisor Jean-Loup Castaigne

eCube seminars: Lessons learnt to share best innovative practices

Neurosciences and teaching, benefits of video in teaching, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, Flipped Classroom, Active Learning, Interactive Whiteboard, Training for research with flipped seminars ... 3 years of lessons learnt with the teachers of the Alliance.



  • Flipped classroom - three year project
  • Skills-based approach - Objective: Appropriate and integrate the skills-based approach into our teaching as part of the work carried out by the Ecoles Centrale Group through workshops with teachers.
  • Choice of elective courses - Objective: help first year students choose their elective classes via access to presentation videos and feedback from second and third years.
  • Explore the options - Objective: Help students choose their courses, provide course information to eligible applicants, businesses and staff.


46 seats, 2 cameras and 12 microphones, built-in power sockets, whiteboard and projector, feedback screens
Means: HD video-conferencing, recording, interactive whiteboard, collaborative applications
For: interactive classes, distance/local learning, experts at a distance, video laboratory links, seminars etc.
Collaboration between establishments, accessibility, innovative teaching, teaching continuity
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on November 17, 2022