Organise your accommodation

The International Relations Department can help with your accommodation

Centrale Nantes has an ongoing partnership with CROUS and some private residences.
The International Relations Department can thus book accommodation on behalf of new incoming international students. If you are a new incoming international student, the International Relations Department will contact you directly by email by June with regards to your accommodation.
Centrale Nantes partner Colonies offers coliving and shared accommodation: don't hesitate to mention that you are a Centrale Nantes student to benefit from a reduced rate on application fees!
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Where to look for accommodation

Accommodation in Nantes is generally advertised by district or 'quartier'. Here are a number of districts where you may want to focus your attention:
  • Centre ville (Graslin, Viarme, Talensac..),
  • L'île de Nantes,
  • Saint Mihiel/Saint Félix/Haut Pavés/ Saint Donatien,
  • Pont du Cens,
  • Canclaux/Mellinet,
  • Petit port/Facultés/ Michelet,
  • Jonelière,
  • Butte sainte Anne/Chantenay,
  • Procé/Monselet,
  • Jardin des plantes/Doulon



In most instances, student residences or landlords will ask you to provide a guarantor for your rent in France. A guarantor is legally responsible should you default on your rent. He or she brings financial security to reassure your landlord: with a guarantor at your side, the landlord trusts your ability to fully pay your rent in due time.
  • VISALE acts as guarantor, free of charge, for students under 31 whose monthly rent is not more than €600/month.
  • GARANTME is open to French and international students. Reduced fees for Centrale Nantes students via the partnership with Garantme.


The residence's welcoming office and landlords will hand over room keys if - and only if - you have provided proof of accommodation insurance. A housing insurance certificate is therefore compulsory.

Centrale Nantes has an ongoing close relationship with BNP Paribas bank which can provide you with housing insurance. They will send you the insurance certificate before your arrival in Nantes.
  • For further information, contact BNP Paribas (
You may also wish to enquire about insurance partnerships offered directly by the residence or other companies, such as:

Financial support from the CAF

French and international students are eligible to receive financial support (known as APL in French) from the CAF (Caisses d'Allocations Familiales). The CAF is a French government organism that covers part of the monthly cost of rent paid for student accommodation – the allocated amount depends on the type of accommodation and on your income.
Applications are made online and can only be submitted once you have your keys and rent contract.

Follow the CAF procedure in English (last updated for 2018) according to your situation below:
  • You are staying in a CROUS-run residence (download PDF)
  • You are staying in a non-CROUS-run/private residence (download PDF)
  • You are staying in an apartment, a furnished house, a studio, a flat share and renting from a landlord (download PDF)
Published on April 16, 2018 Updated on June 6, 2024