Centrale Nantes at a glance

Who are we?

In keeping with the traditions of French Engineering schools (grandes écoles d'ingénieurs), Centrale Nantes, founded in 1919, trains versatile engineers to a very high scientific and technical level. Equipped with a strong managerial culture, they are capable of placing scientific subjects into a global context incorporating environmental and societal issues.

As a member of the Ecoles Centrales Group (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Paris), Centrale Nantes delivers a teaching programme of the highest quality to rigorously selected students. Over 2000 students are present on the Nantes campus.

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Hand in hand with industry

Resolutely international

International openness is at the heart of Centrale Nantes' vision. In coordination with the Ecoles Centrale Group, international development relies in particular on the Double Degree programme, International Masters and on a solid network of high level academic partners.

Centrale Nantes' participation in European programmes is in line with our strategy of developing international Masters programmes. Cooperation with our networks of international partners, alongside scholarship programmes, is one of the key levers in Centrale Nantes' international relations policy for the development and consolidation of international student programmes.

International openness

Published on March 26, 2017 Updated on April 6, 2023