Special study arrangements

Students on the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Programme and the Engineering Programme may benefit from special study arrangements in certain cases.

Elite athletes and performers/Students involved in a national association

Provisions can be made for students who are elite athletes, performers or those involved in a national association, to enable them to successfully pursue their dual objectives (study and sports/arts/associative).
The student completes and submits the relevant form (below), and following an interview (with the Dean of Studies and their Deputy for the relevant study programme), the Dean of Studies will propose ways in which the activity can be taken into account in the student's education (with the introduction of an academic contract).
Contact the elite sports coordinator Loreta Ivanauskas (elite athletes are invited to discuss their plans with Ms. Ivanauskas before submitting their application).

Download and complete the relevant form:

Illness or accident

In the event of long-term illness or accident, special arrangements can be made to enable the student to attend the study programme for longer than planned. The student concerned contacts the nurse, who analyzes the situation and informs Academic Affairs. After meeting with the student and, depending on the situation, the nurse may recommend (on the basis of a certified doctor's certificate) suspending a semester or an academic year. In this case, the student will then meet the Deputy Dean of Studies for the course concerned, who will advise him/her of the documents to be provided in order to put this recommendation to the Board of Examiners.
Depending on the student's situation, the Dean of Studies may propose an adjustment to the student's course of study (e.g., completion of one year of training spread over two academic years). This type of arrangement is the subject of an academic contract.

Disability and special needs

Special arrangements can be made to accommodate students with a disability or serious impairment, with regard both to the student's educational needs and his or her ability to be on campus. The student concerned must contact Academic Affairs by completing the special arrangements form and following the associated procedure.

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Published on July 21, 2023 Updated on July 8, 2024