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Doctoral School SPIGA Science Engineering, Geosciences, Architecture

Responsable(s) :
Ahmed LOUKILI (-)
Adresse :
Ecole Centrale de Nantes 1 rue de la Noë BP 92101
44321 Nantes Cedex 3 - FRANCE
Mél :
Tél. :
33 240 371 600
Structure(s) de rattachement :
Research Department


The School spans geographically the whole "Pays de la Loire" region. The PhD diploma is delivered by Centrale Nantes or one of its joint institutions : University of Nantes, University of Maine, Ecole des Mines and Oniris.

Topics dealt with in the doctoral school:

Fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
Material Science


9 research laboratories associated with the doctoral school:
  • CERMA : Centre de Recherche Méthodologique en Architecture et Aménagement, UMR CNRS 1563
  • GeM : Institut de Recherche en Génie Civil et Mécanique, UMR CNRS 6183
  • GEPEA: Génie des Procédés-Environnement-Agro-alimentaire, UMR CNRS 6144
  • IRCCyN : Institut de Recherche en Communication et Cybernétique de Nantes, UMR CNRS 6597
  • LAUM: Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Maine, UMR CNRS 6613
  • LCPC: Laboratoire Centrale des Ponts et Chaussées
  • LMF : Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides, UMR CNRS 6598
  • Laboratoire de Planétologie et de Géodynamique de Nantes, UMR CNRS 6112
  • LTN: Laboratoire de Thermocinétique de Nantes, UMR CNRS 6607

Informations complémentaires

Equivalence of master degree. Each candidate should have a French master degree (at least 5 years full time university study) and justify for a first experience in research.
Without the French master degree, the candidate (for example with a foreign master degree) needs a special authorization given by the docotral school showing that he has the equivalent level of a French master degree and he has a first experience in research.
The three year PhD working must be financed.
All PhD students are financed either by the industry or by public fundings for the full extent of the thesis (3 years).

Organisation and coordination of scientific and professional doctoral courses, validation of each course, proposition and creation of new courses each year.

Organization of meetings and conferences in order to prepare the furturre integration of PhD students in the university or in the industry.

The doctoral school surpervises the authorization to the final oral defence of PhD thesis and for the qualification of PhD supervisor.

mise à jour le February 21, 2013

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Erasmus Mundus PhD

APPLY TO SEED : Joint PhD in
Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development

with the support of the European Commission in the Erasmus Mundus framework.
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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for PhD

Full scholarships funded by the European commission with


Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt

Central Asia

Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine


  • RAI Prashant, from India PhD at GEM with EADS

    The rigorous training and school's reputation helped me to obtain an internship at EADS in Bangalore resulting in an offer of collaborative doctorate at Centrale Nantes.

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350 PhD students are currently working in 9 different research laboratories.

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