Energy Transition: Industry Research Projects

Outstanding research facilities

3D printing
in aeronautics, naval and automotive

Research Institutes: LS2N, GeM

Save material and promote energy efficiency
STELIA Aerospace & Centrale Nantes have embarked upon 3D printing of self-reinforced metallic fuselage panels
Rob’Ecolo: Design of a wooden industrial robot

The main objective is to propose innovative design methodologies leading to new robots with a drastically reduced environmental impact (in terms of Greenhouse Gas emissions during the manufacturing phase).
Rapid Manufacturing Platform

The backbone of the platform is the manipulation of trajectories in space
Jean-Yves Hascoët,
head of the Rapid Manufacturing Platform and pilot of the Additive Manufacturing component of the Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology.

Manufacturing processes:  Additive manufacturing, machining, forming, welding, bioprinting.
Published on July 24, 2020 Updated on February 27, 2024