Energy Transition: CSR Research Projects

Rn'B Lab Research group Audencia Business School and Centrale Nantes

Head: Miruna Radu Lefebvre,
A place for interaction and knowledge building in Business & Society, Communication & Culture, Finance, Management and Marketing

Regional Platform for CSR

Centrale Nantes Nantes is a member of Regional Platform for CSR in Pays de la Loire .

Architectural and Urban Ambiances Laboratory (AAU) UMR 1563 CNRS-MCC-ECN

The Urban Architecture Nantes Research Centre (CRENAU) is the AAU Laboratory’s team based in Nantes.

Nantes Métropole CSR Committee

Centrale Nantes is involved in collective CSR actions (Nantes Métropole CSR Committee).

COMP-RSE Project - Skills for CSR

provided tools to assess and develop the skills of businesses and organizations to implement CSR strategy
Emmanuel Rozière (Centrale Nantes), André Sobczak (Audencia)

PhD Thesis "La critique écologique radicale dans le contexte de l’entreprise : l'ambivalence des démarches de RSE dans les entreprises en Biodynamie"

par Claire-Isabelle Roquebert
Supervised by André Sobczak (Audencia), Marie-France Turcotte (UQAM) and Emmanuel Rozière (Centrale Nantes)

Environmental claims and CSR question and modify the organization of businesses.
This research is based on the study of two growing SMEs engaged in Biodynamics. We study the confrontation between the development of a functionalist model and the attempts to defend an ecological organizational model, CSR taking an ambivalent place in this tension.

Published on August 26, 2020 Updated on March 29, 2021