Energy Transition: Materials Research Projects

GeM - Civil engineering and Mechanics

Outstanding research facilities


  • Multiscale characterization of civil engineering materials – rocks, soils, concrete – from nanometer to meter length scales
  • Composite materials for lighter aircrafts and vehicles
  • New strategies for computational mechanics to allow more efficient and reliable design of transport and energy facilities
  • Advanced characterization of materials: Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray tomography, etc

Recycled concrete

Frédéric Grondin, Ahmed Loukili, Emmanuel Rozière

GeM – Centrale Nantes is a member of the French National Project RECYBETON



Sébastien Friot

Design of a wooden industrial robot 
Innovative design methodologies to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions during the robot manufacturing phase

FAURECIA - Centrale Nantes Chair

Christophe Binetruy

Innovative research into composite materials, their inclusion within multi-material structures and manufacturing processes, for lighter vehicles and lower CO2 emissions

EDYCEM - Centrale Nantes Chair 

Research, teaching and technology transfer on the durability and energy efficiency of concrete structures

Concrete with lower environmental impact - ECOBETON

Ahmed Loukili, Emmanuel Rozière, Frédéric Grondin

37% lower carbon footprint than standard concrete
(Vinci Construction, Tour Odéon, 2009-2015)
Published on August 25, 2020 Updated on March 29, 2021