Energy Transition: Energy Research Projects

Outstanding research facilities

WEAMEC (West Atlantic Marine Energy Community) brings together the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) eco-system in the Pays de la Loire region within the fields of research, innovation and training.






Operational multi-technology testing equipment

Development of marine renewable energies: Wave energy converters and offshore wind turbines
A new and growing sector in France and Europe.




Smart Grids

RTE & Centrale Nantes International teaching and research Chair

Analysis and control of smart grids, within the context of energy transition

The FARWIND Project explores the feasibility of converting the far-offshore wind energy resource into renewable fuel production. This concept relies on a radically new technology: the energy ship. The energy ship is a ship propelled by wind sails that produce electricity using water turbines attached underneath their hull. The electricity is converted into an energy vector (e.g. hydrogen), stored on-board, and then brought to the consumers.
In practice, the energy ships could be deployed in fleets. They would be escorted by a dedicated tanker which would collect the produced energy, but would also act as a surveillance, control and service vessel.
Our research includes the development of numerical and physical models for the investigation, optimization and validation of the energy and economic performance of this new concept.
Published on August 17, 2020 Updated on February 16, 2024