Energy Transition: Transport Research Projects

Outstanding research facilities

Renault - LMS, a Siemens Business -  Centrale Nantes Chair

Exploring new technologies for combustion engines

Duration: 5 years

Budget:  4.5 million Euros


Far offshore hydrogen-producing wind energy converters

Converting the far-offshore wind energy resource into renewable fuel production
(Co-funding - Pays de la Loire Région – ADEME)

Mann+Hummel Centrale Nantes Chair

Context: Reduction of polluting emissions and CO2 from internal combustion engines  

Objective: Broaden knowledge of future technological innovation relating to powertrain mechanisms.

Renault - Centrale Nantes Chair

On 12 September 2016, Centrale Nantes and Renault launched the first Research Chair dedicated to the propulsion performance of electric vehicles

Groupe PSA & Centrale Nantes R&D programme

Groupe PSA and Centrale Nantes launch, in 2018, a €4 million R&D programme dedicated to digital simulation techniques for powertrain design. The programme aims to bring low-emission vehicles to market faster.
Published on August 25, 2020 Updated on November 17, 2023