IT services

The Centrale Nantes wireless network: WIFI-ECN

Access is via a captive web portal on which you authenticate with your username ("login") and your password. The services offered are: basic Internet services; mobile services for students: messaging, web applications (education, intranet ...) as well as your personal storage space on the teaching platform.

Eduroam wireless network

The school is registered with the Eduroam mobility service for the RENATER community. This service provides secure wireless access to the Internet, for higher education and research institution members on the move.

Eduspot wireless network

The aim of this network is to simplify access to the wireless network for staff and students of French higher education and research institutions. This simplified access is useful both in one's home institution, but especially when visiting other institutions.

Remote email access

This service allows you to view your messages on your school mailbox and to send mail passing directly through the school servers from outside the school. This service is provided in addition to webmail access (

VPN connection for permanent staff

The IT department has set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server which allows secure connections to the internal network of Centrale Nantes from an external network. This service has been set up to provide access to the data and applications present on the school's network from an external Internet access to the school. When you connect to this system, your computer behaves as if it were directly connected to the internal network. You then have access to all your usual resources as if you were connected to the internal network.
Published on March 26, 2017 Updated on March 12, 2020