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Centrale Nantes and its spin-off HydrOcean win the coveted American award: HPC INNOVATION EXCELLENCE 2013

Erwan Jacquin, CEO of HydrOcean and graduate of Centrale Nantes, received the HPC Innovation Excellence Award 2013 at the Supercomputing 2013 conference (SC13).

on November 19, 2013

HydrOcean, an innovative start-up founded in 2007 within what is today the Centrale-Audencia Symbiose incubator, helps SMEs and large companies integrate numerical simulaton and HPC in their development. Its CEO, Erwan Jacquin, Centrale Nantes graduate, today received the prestigious HPC Innovation Excellence Award 2013.

A sign of its growing economic success - the startup has now acquired international stature by opening up new markets overseas. It has already signed contracts with major European buyers and is opening offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Singapore in Asia, with the first contracts in the works. With a staff of 22 in 2013, HydrOcean intends to recruit another 10 employees in 2014.

Erwan Jacquin received the HPC Innovation Excellence Award, on 19th November 2013 in Denver at the SC13, which brings together representatives from the HPC (High Performance Computing) international community - around 12 000 professionals around the world.

The award recognizes several years of work undertaken by a mixed team composed of 20 engineers, researchers, PhD and post-doc students from HydrOcean and Centrale Nantes on advanced numerical simulation in fluid dynamics.

Highly complex calculations were performed on GENCI machines combining over a billion data items and 32 000 processors.

This is the first time that this highly coveted award has been given to a French company by the jury composed of industry professionals (BAE, Boeing, Ford, Nasa etc) and renowned academic institutions (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, San Diego SuperComputer Center etc).

Alongside HydrOcean-Centrale Nantes were GE Global Research (US), Facebook (US), Intelligent Light (US), Procter and Gamble (US), Imperial College of London and NAG (UK), Princeton University/ Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (US), Ford Werke GmbH (Germany).
Published on November 4, 2016 Updated on March 23, 2017