Two SEM-REV speakers at FOWT 2020

The FOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Turbines) 2020 Conference is held Marseille (7 & 8 September, and broadcast live) and by video-conference (9 September).

from September 7, 2020 to September 9, 2020

This international event on floating wind turbines brings together participants (800 attended in 2019, 50% of whom came from outside France) to exchange ideas during plenary conferences. FOWT aims to further the advancement of floating wind and to accelerate its implementation into the global renewable energy mix. This event is designed to promote constructive discussion between all actors and stakeholders in this emerging industry.

Two members of the SEM-REV team have been invited to speak at the 2020 edition.

Marine Reynaud, Research Engineer in the team will be speaking on 7 September. She is taking part in the workshop entitled "Floating offshore wind: a win-win deal for the environment?" led by David Pratt, from Marine Scotland. Marine will give an overview of the environmental monitoring programme of the offshore test site, particularly since the arrival of Floatgen, the first offshore floating wind turbine in France. Several types of data are monitored on the site, such as the monitoring of benthic communities and habitats, underwater acoustics, water quality, but also biocolonisation of the equipment (anchors, cables, instrumentation, etc.). More specifically on Floatgen, Marine will present several studies undertaken during Floatgen installation on acoustics, on the benthic communities and on the avifauna... Valuable initial feedback for the community in view of future projects.
  Izan Le Crom, Research Engineer at SEM-REV, will take part in FOWT's remote academic session on 9 September. He will be speaking at the session entitled "How collaborative R&D contributes to reliability and performance of FOWT?" led by Christian Berhault, Consultant at France Energies Marines. His talk will focus on the added value of European programmes for large test facilities. It is based on the test operations carried out or to come at SEM-REV, facilitated by programmes such as Marinet2, OceanDemo and Marinerg-i. Izan will also highlight the diversity of projects that can be hosted at the SEM-REV.
Published on September 7, 2020 Updated on March 19, 2021