Student Careers Service

Our training programmes offer a wide choice, and our students have diverse profiles, they are international or pursuing a double degree abroad. Questions about work-life balance and alignment with one's values play a major role in the choice of career path for our students ... for all these reasons Centrale Nantes reinvented its career's guidance around three themes - employability, recruitment and talent appeal - within our Student Careers Service.

Our mission: to interact and create opportunities

  • Getting to know oneself, developing, cooperating
  • Building one's career plan / course of study
  • Securing positive employment

Our approach: coaching

  • The student plays an active role and takes responsibility for his or her own career path

Our expertise: combining talents

The students are supported in their approach by employment specialists from various backgrounds: (HR, alumni, career coaches)

Workshops from our catalogue

  • Job search workshops: CV, search strategy, pitch, interview simulation
  • Soft skills workshops: stress management, well-balanced project management ...

Custom-made workshops

  • Master 2 Workshops + Master 1 Awareness Lecture
  • Apprenticeship campaign (lectures / interview simulation workshops)
  • Double degree track
  • Bachelor/Fast Track coaching

Individual appointments / recruitment firms

  • 8 types of weekly appointments upon registration
  • Interview simulations with recruiters/recruitment firms


  • Digital and recruitment (perspective and ethics)
  • Get to know recruitment tools (CV matching, video/deferred interviews, ...)

Helpdesk (without appointment) for special situations

  • Adapt to a French CV 
  • Follow-up individual appointments

In addition to this support, the Student Life team team is involved in three 'Soft Skills' modules taught in the 1st and 2nd year engineering programme:
  • Self-expression / Enhancing one's profile
  • Enhancing one's professional identity
  • Job applications and digital identity
Student members of Centrale Nantes Alumni also have access to complementary services:

Centrale Nantes Alumni membership offer for students


1hr 30 test and feedback, either:
  • Performanse Tool on career orientation, or
  • or MBTI on personality type


3x45 minutes of coaching throughout one's course
  • Develop one's potential
  • Define and achieve one's objectives


Reduced rate and/or preferential access to events and training
  • Webinar / training
  • Themed breakfast meetings
  • Conference

Relaxation to boost empowerment

Online relaxation activities (once a month throughout the school year)
  • Sophrology
  • Mindfulness meditation
Published on May 11, 2020 Updated on June 3, 2022