Thomas Heuzé


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Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM)


My works deal with the study of some (mainly thermally) coupled systems in solid mechanics, deforming either slowly or in a fast manner. Research activities are focused on their modeling, on the development of dedicated approximations and solution strategies, and on engineering applications requiring the development of advanced models and numerical techniques. Especially, contributions make use of robust theoretical frameworks (such as amongst others variational formulations, conservative formulations), to build well-posed modelings and consistent approximations. Applications are related with diffusion processes in batteries, or with high pulsed power technologies, such as magnetic pulse welding/forming or disassembling.
BAckground 2023: Accreditation to Supervise Research, Nantes University
since 2012: Assistant professor at Centrale Nantes / GeM
2011: PhD thesis in solid mechanics at Institut d'Alembert / Sorbonne university
2007: Master in solid mechanics at Sorbonne university
Teaching activities
Teaching activities Continuum Mechanics,
Structural mechanics,
Plasticity in structures,
Multiphysic couplings
Published on June 4, 2023 Updated on October 23, 2023