After the PhD

Centrale Nantes encourages its PhD students to carefully consider their future career goals.
Once you have obtained your PhD, there are various career options open to you. Indeed, you will have developed multiple skills that are useful in many sectors.

The first step is to take a look at a selection of job sites, career guidance in both academic institutions and the private sector, and the structures that can support you. In order to identify your skill set and manage your work profile throughout your career, you can use "DOCPRO" for example.

You can also refer to the Guide du doctorat (PhD Guide) published by ANDès & CJC. This guide is also available in paper form at the Law Library at Nantes Université.
Job search online
There are two types of job search sites: general and specialised. It is important to:
  • determine your search criteria (e.g. geographical, statutory, functional)
  • sign up for email alerts

General job search websites

Websites for your academic career

Recruitment firms

    Consulting firm for the recruitment of PhD graduates
  • ADOCMétis
    Consultancy specialising in human resources for Higher Education and Research
  • PhDTalent
    Human resources/events consultant
  • Redoc-SPI
    Association which aims to "bring together and promote the community of SPI PhD students & graduates"
Search tools and career guidance
European website:
French websites:
Work abroad:
Specific tools for the SIS Engineering and Systems Sciences doctoral school
Tools and support structures

In 2021, Centrale Nantes was included in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings, which measures the employability of young university graduates worldwide.

  • APEC
    Recruitment interview simulator
Manage your work profile
Published on March 9, 2023 Updated on July 17, 2024