Energy Transition: Transport Research Projects

Outstanding research facilities

Renault - LMS, a Siemens Business -  Centrale Nantes Chair

Exploring new technologies for combustion engines

Duration: 5 years

Budget:  4.5 million Euros


Far offshore hydrogen-producing wind energy converters

Converting the far-offshore wind energy resource into renewable fuel production
(Co-funding - Pays de la Loire Région – ADEME)

Mann+Hummel Centrale Nantes Chair

Context: Reduction of polluting emissions and CO2 from internal combustion engines  

Objective: Broaden knowledge of future technological innovation relating to powertrain mechanisms.

Renault - Centrale Nantes Chair

On 12 September 2016, Centrale Nantes and Renault launched the first Research Chair dedicated to the propulsion performance of electric vehicles
Published on August 25, 2020 Updated on March 29, 2021