CRED Forum

The Dynamic and Static Test Centre (CRED) at Centrale Nantes is organising a forum (invitation only) on 1st October: "Towards an enhanced vision of material characterisation"

on October 1, 2019

Programme: presentations and demonstrations focusing on quasi-static and dynamic instrumented tests.

[Invitation only]


Ultra-fast camera - 4 million images/second
6-axis Hexapod system
Fast hydraulic machine control

A one-hour morning and afternoon presentation.

Themes explored:

  • Experimental methods for composite processing
  • Rheological behavior of viscous composites with multi-scale reinforcement
  • Nonparametric modelling of material behavior
  • Estimation of static and dynamic constraints without behaviour laws
  • Dynamic rupture of elastomers
  • Additive manufacturing and mechanical characterization
  • High pulsed power for forming and assembly processeses


  • Multi-axis hexapod tests
  • Rupture tracking by ultra-high speed camera
  • Rupture testing on architectured materials
  • Rheological measurements of composites with image correlation analysis
  • Fatigue on mini-structures with image correlation tracking
  • Fast traction for the behaviour of viscoelastic materials
  • Multiaxial fatigue of elastomers with or without defects
  • Crash energy absorber using composite materials

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Published on September 2, 2019 Updated on September 3, 2019