Advisory body

Board of Governors


The Board of Governors determines the general policy of the establishment, makes decisions on:
  • overall organisation of academic programmes
  • research programmes,
  • technical and scientific programmes,
  • international cooperation programmes.

The board puts forward measures to foster the community, approves the budget, approves the accounts,determines the distribution of posts,gives the director the authority to pursue legal action, approves the agreements signed by the director, approves - within the provisions established by decree - loans, equity investments, creation of subsidiaries, acceptance of donations and bequests, property acquisition.

It may delegate some of its authority to the director, with the exception of: approval of the institutional contract, accounts and budget as well as the  rules and regulations.

The board:
  • exercises disciplinary authority.
  • elects its Chair (among external members) 
  • proposes a candidate for the position of Director of Centrale Nantes to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which appoints him/her for a 5-year term.

A sub-committee of the Board of Governors examines individual cases relating to the recruitment, posting and career of teaching and research staff.

Published on November 28, 2016 Updated on September 22, 2023