Research Project

Students from a partner institutions wishing to undertake a research project at Centrale Nantes:
IMPORTANT: Before your register online (below), you must have already contacted and secured agreement for your project from the Centrale Nantes professor in charge of the discipline you are interested in. Without this prior agreement we are not able to accept your registration.
Teaching staff to contact:

Discipline Contact
Aeronautics Guy CAPDEVILLE
Civil Engineering
Computer Science Jean-Yves MARTIN
Digital City Myriam SERVIERES
Digital Sciences for Life Sciences and Healthcare Olivier ROUX
Embedded Control and Power Grids Guy LEBRET
Energy Production and Management Alain MAIBOOM
Engineering Science for Housing and Urban Environment Jean-François HETET
High Performance Computing in Engineering Science Alban LEROYER
Industrial Engineering Raphael CHENOUARD
Management of Digital Business and Information Technologies Catherine DA CUNHA
Mathematics and Applications
Mechanical Engineering for Materials and Manufacturing Processes Bertrand HUNEAU
Modelling and Simulation in Mechanics Gregory LEGRAIN
Ocean: Hydrodynamics and Marine Engineering Lionel GENTAZ
Product Engineering Emilie POIRSON
Propulsion and Transport David CHALET
Robotics Abdelhamid CHRIETTE
Signals, Images and Applications in Biomedical and Audio Engineering Saïd MOUSSAOUI
Virtual Reality Jean-Marie NORMAND

Make sure you also send a CV and a copy of your passport or ID card to once you have registered.
NB Students, not from a partner institution, looking to undertake a research project at Centrale Nantes - please contact the teaching staff above directly.
Published on September 25, 2013 Updated on March 31, 2017