The Multimedia Library

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Opening hours during school periods

9 am - 6.30 pm // Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9 am - 6 pm // Wednesday, Friday

These schedules are subject to change (holidays or special circumstances)

Thousands of documentary resources

The Centrale Nantes Multimedia Library strives to provide students, teachers, researchers, research engineers and doctoral students with the documentary resources that meet their needs. The electronic resources accessible by all the members of the school, enrich its documentary collection.

It is part of the network with the university library of Nantes. A joint catalogue is accessible at:
  • 8 000 freely available books
  • more than 1000 theses
  • about 50 ongoing magazine subscriptions
  • 120 archived titles
  • On line : e-books, scientific databases, etc.
Published on June 26, 2003 Updated on January 12, 2021